Private In Home -Taining

Tailored Training for Pups and Senior Canines

Private training is tailor-made to instruct you on the techniques to train your dog while following a personalized program to achieve your specific objectives. AngelDogs offers its expertise to dogs of various ages, including brand-new puppies, adult dogs, and rescues. We can guide you in addressing common issues like puppy mouthing, jumping, nipping, indoor or leash-related barking, as well as fundamental manners and obedience. Your active involvement in this process holds great significance and is the linchpin for ensuring enduring behavioral transformations in your dog. You are the primary source of guidance that your dog will rely on throughout their lifetime, and AngelDogs is here to provide assistance every step of the way.

Puppy Training

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Leash Training

Behavioral Training

Behavioral Training

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Obtain instruction for addressing behavioral concerns, such as...

  • Addressing Fear and Reactivity
  • Enhancing Self-Assurance
  • Managing Aggressive Behavior
  • Enhancing Interactions with Other Household Pets
  • Curbing Jumping
  • Minimizing Nipping
  • Controlling Leash Pulling

Deaf Dog Training .......

Personal Care

When you opt for AngelDogs, you gain the benefit of a certified expert trainer with extensive experience. Mark has successfully finished numerous training programs and dedicated his time to assist shelters and rescue organizations in the Los Angeles area, aiding dogs in their journey to find loving forever homes. Beyond his volunteer work and tackling a diverse range of behavioral issues, Mark consistently participates in seminars and conferences to further enhance his knowledge and skills. AngelDogs is your trusted partner in addressing any obstacle you and your dog may encounter..

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Dog Walking Services

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Professional Guidance

Our dog walking services offer your furry friend the exercise and attention they need. Our team of dedicated dog lovers will ensure your pet gets the exercise and fresh air they crave while you’re at work or away. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or an energetic playtime, we tailor our walks to your dog’s preferences. Rest easy knowing your canine companion is in caring hands with our reliable and professional dog walkers. Give your dog the outdoor adventure they deserve with our dog walking services.